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There’s No Sub for a Good Sub

There’s no sub for a good sub! Effective substitute teachers are an integral part of a well functioning school district. They allow teachers to participate in workshops and professional development days without worry. But the fear of a bad substitute teacher taking care of your class in the event that you are absent, is enough to make sick teachers go to work sick or ask to pull out of trainings. Every teacher knows the ramifications of what a bad substitute teacher could mean. Things like, lesson plans not followed, behavior issues that must now be dealt with, missing classwork, and parent phone calls, to name a few. Unfortunately, there seems to be plenty of this species of substitute.

An Endangered Species

A good sub, though, is a rare and exotic specimen. These conscientious people know how to follow a lesson plan, understand the intricacies of maintaining control of a classroom and are capable of writing clear and truthful accounts of what really happened while you were away.

School districts are finding ways to attract and keep good substitutes around, from increasing pay to providing free lunch. There are not a lot of official substitute teacher training programs; however, there are a lot of places on the Internet to get suggestions and ideas if one wants to step into this position, you’ll more than likely get the job. Check your state’s requirements as they vary greatly from state to state.

Can I Have Your Number, Please?

If you happen to find one of these rare competent subs, grab their phone number! It’s debatable whether or not you should sing the praises of this invaluable person, because as soon as others discover this awesome substitute, you’ll never be able to request them again. It becomes like trying to get a reservation at a top New York restaurant. You have to make them months in advance.

If you are thinking of subbing, you need to listen. If you are a sub you need to listen. If you’re a teacher, we can see you rolling your eyes, and saying, “Ain’t that the truth!”

In Episode 007  you’ll hear:

  • Discussion about what we think this next school year will be like
  • Two new education laws that were passed having to do with prohibiting cell phones in schools and incorporating suicide prevention classes for K-6 students
  • What are different states’ requirements or lack thereof for becoming a substitute teacher
  • The advantages and disadvantages of subbing
  • Suggestions on how to make subbing better

and Jen’s sex education 🍆🍑and barforama 🤮 substitute teaching stories. Fun times!

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