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Racism in the Classroom?

Discussions about dealing with classroom diversity become important.

On today’s episode Sharyn and Anne Zoom with co-workers Jimese and Diedre. They bring their perspectives as black educators to the honest discussions about dealing with classroom diversity we need to be having. We ask what we should be doing differently in our classrooms to ensure equity for our students. As the dialog about race and racism in our country once again comes to the forefront, we felt it was important to have an honest discussion about what teachers need to be aware of when dealing with the diversity within our own classes. 

Some Things to Think About

First, we talk about the importance of having those difficult, but frank, conversations about bias out in the open instead of behind closed doors. and about holding each other accountable when things are done or said. We also discussed the idea of standards for students when dealing with language and culture and how to take advantage of those teachable moments as conduits towards change.

In light of the movement for massive change within our country that is now pushing forward, we delved into the topic of civic responsibility and how to get the right people into office so that major change can more readily be accomplished 

I’m sure you’ll agree that Diedre and Jimese are a joy to talk with and this frank no nonsense conversation. Sharyn and I learned a lot and we hope you will find today’s dialog just as enlightening, and come away with some ideas on how to bring more equity to your classrooms and campuses. 

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Speak Up At School: How to Respond to Everyday Prejudice, Bias and Stereotypes.


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