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Public education sucks and needs a significant overhaul. Want change? So do we! We are current classroom teachers with almost 80 years of combined experience. We explain the effects of decisions made by the people who “think” they know what’s best for education and discuss all sides of current classroom controversies and what we know would work better. It’s a good dose of reality with a few laughs thrown in. Transparency in Teaching lets you see through the classroom door, so you know what’s really happening in today’s classrooms. Pull up a chair and join in the conversation.

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Episode 01

Why Teachers Quit

Anne, Jen and Sharyn discuss why they became teachers and why they think so many teachers leave the profession. They give their suggestions as to what needs to change and what new teachers should consider when applying for a job. 


Episode 33

Is It Time to Stop Promoting Social Promotion?

Hey, it’s Anne here to introduce today’s episode all about social promotion, you know, that practice where schools promote students to the next grade based on age instead of mastery. The idea is that keeping kids with their peer group is better for their self-esteem, not to mention promoting students with behavior problems...

Why teachers quit

Episode 27

Why Teachers Quit 2.0: Find out wh…

The very first episode we produced remains one of our most popular. Why teachers quit should be something every would-be teacher should ponder before taking out loans to pay for college. You don't want to be one of the...

soci0-emotional well-being

Episode 28

We Are Not Ok: Teachers Struggle to Cope, …

I'll be honest, in 35 years of teaching, this has been the hardest year so far. And that's not just because I'm old and kind of worn out. I think this whole Covid thing did way more damage to kids than just their academic abilities....


Episode 43

This week's question: How does your school or district handle discipline? Is it working? !

Welcome to another edition of Ed News This Week. This week I’ll share why LAUnifed School District teachers (and a lot of us other teachers) are not happy about mandated discipline changes, What Congress has heard about mental health issues in school (will they finally listen?), and How ChatGPT has a sister AI being born that is supposed to be better for students.


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