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Welcome to Transparency in Teaching

Public Education Sucks. We want to change that!

Public education sucks and needs a major overhaul, Want change? So do we! We are current classroom teachers with almost 80 years of combined experience. We explain the effects of decisions made by the people who “think” they know education, and discuss all sides of current classroom controversies and what we know would work better. You’ll get a good dose of reality with a few laughs thrown in.

Transparency in Teaching is for everyone who’s ever wanted to know the truthful experiences about what it means to be teaching in today’s public education classrooms 


What makes a school successful

What Makes a School Successful?

What comes to mind when someone says, "Oh, that's a really good school?" Is it students all sitting in their seats, diligently taking notes? Is it passing along students who can read and do math on...

Back to school

Back-to-School Blues

As summer vacation is ending, I was wondering if you are beginning to get a nervous tick when you hear, “Back to School Sale?” Or do you find yourself tearing up when you walk by the school supplies...

man holding a white flag against a fiery background

Many Teachers Are Calling It Quits

If ever there was a school year that deserved a "middle finger," 🖕🏼🖕🏼that was one! Fresh off the Pandemic, many teachers are calling it quits because they felt this year was beyond their job...


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