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013 Minimum Day #2

I think distance learning is finally getting to us. We’re tired.  We’re punchy, We talk about alcohol more than usual. 

Distance Learning Trippin’

Today we get into how parents and students are coping with distance learning from the teacher’s point of view. Parents are incorporating “field trips” to the grocery store or Costco. I have students who can’t do work because they are attending class on their phones while following a parent up and down the aisles of the grocery store. Every try to write on a Google Doc from a phone? Not the easiest thing to do.

Now, Ok, I get it. If kids were actually in the classroom, parents would be running these errands then. But, c’mon, Ross doesn’t close at 4. There’s a couple of hours post-school where these errands can be completed, no?

Death by Meeting

We talk about how we are dealing with the myriad of emails and virtual meetings. For example, on Mondays, we do not have students. It is set aside for staff meetings, department meetings, core meetings ( four core subject area teachers who share the same cohort of students), also the various other small group student meetings, parent conferences, IEPs, etc. etc.

Can’t See Sh!t

By the end of the day, we are rendered blind and nauseous from overexposure to blue light and screens. Blue Block glasses are the latest fashion statement. Even after the virtual bell rings, we still are in front of screens, grading, answering parent and student emails, not to mention helping our own children with their online dilemmas, answering personal emails, paying bills… Of course, we later have to zone out to mindless serial television on Netflix or Amazon.

Cracking Up despite Distance Learning

 The situation could be dire, but thankfully we still have a sense of humor.  Ever been in that situation where you start laughing so hard that you almost end up crying? Yeah? Well, that’s where Jen took us with her imaginary field trip suggestion to BevMo. (I think maybe she’s closer to losing it than she lets on. ) Now, of course, that’s a joke, but I swear that if teachers aren’t alcoholics yet, they will be when this pandemic is over. We were already a profession under stress and overworked. Seems like distance learning and the stresses that come with it could yet lead to another reason why teachers quit.

 All I can say is during times like this it’s a necessity to have a sense of humor if one wishes to hang on to some semblance of sanity. Thank goodness we have co-workers who double as best friends and support systems. May we all have people to lean on who are dedicated, determined, and slightly demented to help get us through these strange distance learning times.

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