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Back to School Covid Style

Minimum Day Edition 001

We are feeling swamped with back to school Covid Style. Planning lessons for 2 1/2 hour synchronous classes and 150 minutes of weekly asynchronous work is time consuming. So until we find our rhythm, we are bringing you mini lunchroom conversations about topics that are on our minds now and updates on how teaching virtually is virtually killing us. 

Today we discussed what the first week back to school Covide Style looked like. We talk about what is good, getting to interact with our students.  What is bugging us , taking attendance and not being together.

We talk about how the tech we are supposed to be using is not working properly, (Blocksi is a program we use to monitor student screens), or how that tech is a pain in the backside, (C’mon, Google Meets? What’s up with no integrated breakout rooms???) We hope you enjoy our mini version. Don’t worry, Sharyn still has time to drop a bunch of F-bombs!

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