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017 Forget Covid — There’s a Teacher Depression Pandemic Killing Us!

So it’s Winter Break and we’ve had a little time to collect ourselves and get refreshed for round two of Online Learning. I wish…. I don’t know about other teachers but, Sharyn, Jen, and I are feeling a little burned around the edges. Actually, I think a lot of teachers are feeling like toast.  There’s a teacher depression pandemic killing us.

A viral teacher depression is killing us

Covid is raging on. Here in California, it doesn’t look like the end is anywhere in sight, vaccine, or no vaccine.  But, forget Covid.  A viral teacher depression pandemic is killing us.  Ok, maybe not literally. But it is killing our spirit, our enthusiasm, and our drive.  Many teachers are feeling like they are dying — inside. This is not what we signed up for. 

Teachers were lying…

It’s not only teachers who are worn out. Parents, who were so full of praise and admiration for what we were trying to do back in the spring and summer, have lost their patience, too. They are fed up with Johnny being home. They are tired of monitoring their child’s work and online behaviors. They’ve realized that teachers were lying when report cards said, “Pleasure to have in class.” They are hungry for someone to blame.

So that early praise and admiration for educators’ work have morphed into “When are you going to stop your damn messing around online and get back to some real teaching?!”  I’m not making this up. A parent really did say this to one of our colleagues.

In today’s episode, we reveal Biden’s choice to replace Ms. DeVos, and what this candidate for Secretary of Education has to offer. Hopefully, bringing some light to the end of that dark tunnel. 

Guinea Pigs are talking

Later, we discuss how we are feeling and what can be done to help get us through the depression, frustration, or whatever “-tion” you want to label it.  Sharyn harps on “having balance,” (listen for her guinea pigs agreeing in the background). Anne discusses how her home situation makes her feel obligated to do more, and Jen explains how “‘therapy” walks help her cope.  

Tired of hearing “Oh cheer up! things could be worse!” Ever just want someone to listen while you complain? Something called “Toxic Positivity” has become part of the problem. What is it? How can trying to be happy actually be bad for you? We get into that, too.

Feeling like you need a place to commiserate and have a “Me Too” moment? Then this is the episode for you!

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