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005 Those Who Can’t Do, Teach. Yeah? You Try it!

005 Those Who Can't Do, Teach. Yeah? You Try it!

Jen, Sharyn and I start the show by discussing the latest education news which in this case is what the proposed 10% budget cut might mean for schools (for me, it might mean retirement!) These could be the single biggest cuts to education in the history of California! Write your state representatives people and let them know we need to leave our schools out of this! I’ve included a letter  template you can use.I  feel a fight coming on.

Teaching is a tough profession. I’m thinking now that many parents have been attempting to keep their own offspring on track, they may have a more valid picture of what we do every day, but times 30!

Teaching from home has its own set of issues but today we focus on all the little and not so little things teachers deal with in the classroom, which those who haven’t spent much time in a classroom may not realize. Little things like, having time to go to the bathroom, or deciding to go to work sick because it’s easier than calling for a sub. Or perhaps it’s that duty free lunch we’re guaranteed, that sometimes isn’t so duty free (can you say, rainy day?)

This all started with a conversation about that lovely adage, “Those that can’t do, teach.” (stick a knife in my heart, ouch!) We hope this episode helps to show what we do, do and change that little phrase to something more like, “ Those that can’t teach, do something less important.” Ok, there are other jobs that are very important, but ummmm, I think they needed a teacher to get them to that job, right?

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Please do write your legislators and ask them to consider cutting funds from other places besides education.  

Click on the link below to be taken to the Education Votes webpage. There you can fill out a form to have a letter sent to your federal congressperson asking for them to take action on the Federal Education Funding.

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