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008 Going Back to School Safely? Truth or Dare?

008 Going Back to School Safely? Truth or Dare?

We are a bit concerned about what August might entail as pediatricians and the president push to reopen schools, but at whose expense? We start the episode with a discussion of what the California state budget holds for education, plus a little history of how education is funded in our state. Then we get into the debate that surrounds what school might look like in the midst of the current rise in Covid cases.  There are so many factors to consider that it seems impossible to be truly prepared. Plus the fact that we will only have 3 weeks to create our lesson plans based on what our district decides to do.  So pull up a chair, plug in your headphones and get in on the conversation.  Be sure to check out our website at  Leave your opinion on how schools should reopen. You can also use this link, to leave a voice message. Let us here the calm in your voice (or the rage of disbelief!)

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