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010 Travel Ideas for Teachers (One can dream, can’t they?)

Today we get into ways teachers can save money on travel (once travel is a “thing” again!) Never too soon to start planning! We discuss ideas for social distancing conscious travel and how to make your “safer at home” quarantine seem more vacation-like.  You’ll also get an update on the HEALS Act education funding, which is still being debated. (I want to know who the person is who stays up all night thinking of these “catchy” acronyms!) And Anne and Jen share their own news that’s awesome but could mean a lot more work…😳

To get all the links to today’s show visit While you’re there, leave us a comment about the show. How have you been spending your summer? How do you stretch your travel dollar?  Yeah, I know. Our travel budgets are going a lot farther these days because we’re not going far at all.  Soon,  my friends, soon…

Happy Back to School or back to your computer that’s substituting for your classroom.

Hang in there. Be safe. Stay sane!

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