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New Teachers This is for You! With, Author Victoria Lucido

Finally, this school year is ending (thank god for small favors) and we are packing up our minimally used classrooms. For many teachers, this will be their last time having to do this. Many threw in the eraser this year and turned in keys. They will look forward to new challenges this coming fall. And perhaps a return to sanity. But for others, who are holding newly minted diplomas and teaching credentials, this summer offers time to plan for a new classroom and get ready for the beginning of an exciting, challenging, and rewarding career. New teachers, this one’s for you!


With that in mind, today’s episode will be especially interesting and informative. We depart a bit from our usual back and forth banter to welcome a guest, Victoria Lucido! Vickie has recently retired after 33 years as a middle school History and Drama teacher.  Her teaching ability has been recognized by “Who’s Who of American Teachers” seven times, and she was awarded “Monterey Teacher of the Year” in 1999 by Monterey Rotary.


Now, she has a new book out called,”Classroom Confidential: How I survived 33 years in a public school classroom, and you can too! This book gives new teachers access to 33 years of experience in just 160 pages! Today Victoria joins Jen and I to share her best advice for beginners and even us old pros can pick up a new insight or two. So grab a notepad and pencil and get ready for the advice you wish you would have learned in all those fancy college credential classes, but didn’t! New teachers, this one’s for you!

For more about Victoria:

You can find her book on Amazon 

Her website, where you can find out about appearances and her many accomplishments.  

YouTube interview here and 

Read an article from the Monterey Herald

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