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What Makes an Effective Teacher Effective?

What makes an effective teacher effective? That’s a pretty subjective question, isn’t it? I’m beginning to believe that so much of what people think makes education good is subjective. Like, who decides what kids need to know for state tests and how to decipher those scores? Or who decides what is important and should be taught in schools. Not to mention, who comes up with the best way to prepare college students to become teachers? It’s all someone’s opinion. Somehow the “Powers the Be” (and whoever decides who they are) have to agree on what it means to be educated and who is best qualified to educate. So what does make a teacher effective?

What factors equal effectiveness?

In today’s podcast, we delve into how districts decide who stays and who goes? To begin, We examine the various qualities an “effective” teacher should have and who sets those standards. We also discuss the national board certification process! Ummm, did you know there was a board certification procedure for teachers? (pssst, I didn’t until recently). Why aren’t districts and universities doing more to help teachers along that path? I mean, would you go to a doctor or lawyer who hadn’t passed their board certifications? But wait! Is certification even the ultimate sign of effectiveness? How about certifying one’s ability to connect on a social-emotional level? Where’s the certification for that?

Effectiveness is not subjective

Sharyn, Jen, and I get into what we think makes teachers effective. Surprise! Basically, is a big mix of many factors. It appears most factors cannot truly be quantified in some objective way. There are too many variables. Too many moving parts contribute to a teacher’s ability to make a difference in their students’ lives. So what’s a parent, an×296-1.jpegistrator, or district to do to be sure their students have the best teachers possible? Listen, and see if you agree with our take on what makes an effective teacher effective!

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