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Episode 1 Why Teachers Quit

Why do teachers quit? According to some statistics over 200,000 teachers leave the profession each year with ⅔  giving reasons other than retirement.

Jen, Sharyn and Anne talk about what made them become teachers and why they haven’t quit. They discuss 6 major reasons why many teachers throw in the towel within the first few years, and how they have dealt with these same issues in their own classrooms.

Here’s what’s in store:

1:44 — Jen’s crappy college architect professor tells her to find a different career path

4:40 — After waiting for two years to get into the veterinary program, Sharyn’s professors say, “Why not try teaching?”

9:09 — Anne fulfills her childhood dream of becoming a teacher only to have it dashed by subbing.

11:35 — Jen talks about her first teaching job from hell, but how it worked out heavenly.

17:10 — Inadequate preparation causes teachers to quit

24:43 — Things to  check out at a school before you accept a job there.

27:10 — Challenging working conditions that cause problems

31:07 — Teacher pay and benefits

33:37 — Paid vacations!! (Ha ha, very funny!)

34:45 — Interruptions that cause a loss of teaching days.

36:50 — Changing to a new career

38:12 — Leaving for personal reasons

39:17 — Why we love teaching.

Leave us comments and feedback on the show. Why did you become a teacher, or why did you quit? 


Here’s a link to a great video “About a Teacher” that gives you a real look into what a first year teacher goes through:

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Episode 1