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046 Ed News This Week: To Out or Not To Out: Coming to a School Near You & Move over Covid, The Chronic Absenteeism Epidemic

This week, Anne shares updates and opinions on the ongoing battle of whether to tell or not to tell on Trans kids. Is this trust-busting practice worth fighting about? And she sheds light on the growing academically deadly pandemic affecting our schools, Chronic Absenteeism. To get all the resources and research used to create this episode, head over to There, you’ll find all of our informative episodes and blog posts to give you the information you need to improve your teaching experience or at least find a place where people get what you’re going through. Find us on Instagram at @Transparency_in_Teaching or get in touch with Anne by visiting @L2tchr at Linkin and X. A huge, warm, grateful teacher hug to all of our faithful listeners and a giant welcome to all of you new listeners who may have stumbled upon us through luck or recommendation. We are glad you are here. Pass along the welcoming atmosphere by sharing this episode with others. The more, the WAY more merrier!
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