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Going Back to School *

* for real this time

We are rapidly approaching the end of our 3rd quarter and it looks like a pretty done deal that after spring break, we will be going back to school for real this time!  So what does that really mean? We’ve been polling our students and so far it seems like most will be opting to stay right where they are, at home on Google Meet. So does that mean I’ll have a class of three little people sitting at their desks staring at me through their plexiglass barriers and mumbling answers through their masks? No idea.🤷🏽‍♀️

What’s News?

We start the episode with a review of current education news. Well, actually not so current. In this episode, we report that Miguel Cardona was on his way to Senate confirmation after making it through committee, but actually, Cardona is now officially the new Secretary of Education. (Consider this an episode update 😜) We discuss the new updated CDC recommendations, and Jen shares her disappointment that it looks like the Biden×296-1.jpegistration won’t be doing any major student loan forgiveness.  Sorry, Jen…

Getting in to Going Back

Sharyn, Jen, and I take apart what returning to school may look like, the pros and cons, and what we think would be the best options. How much learning time will our returning students loose as I bounce between kids online and kids in class? As it stands right now, we are going to be doing both groups simultaneously.

Will there be state testing? It looks like the answer is probably. Will teachers be vaccinated? The answer, our district’s teachers were!

Still not the Same…

Although I think it will be great to see our students’ faces, well the part that isn’t covered with masks, kids still won’t have the learning environment they really crave. They want the ability to socialize again, eat with friends, hang out in hallways, and gossip. Kids want to play basketball and soccer at lunch. They want the ability to make connections with their teachers and be seen and heard. In-person learning cannot be what they want, not yet.  

In any case, going back to school for real this time is still really full of many unknowns.

Thanks for listening! Leave us a comment. (Please, so I don’t have to beg anymore? Listen to the beginning of the show!) We’d love to hear how your school Is planning to get kids back in class. You’ll also be able to get the links to all the resources we used for this episode. As always, please rate and review us on any of your listening platforms. The more stars the better! 🙏🏽 👍🏼. Stay safe and take care of each other (Well at least the people in your “Covid bubble”)

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