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015 The Value of Teacher Evaluations

Transparency in Teaching (stuff)
Transparency in Teaching (stuff)
015 The Value of Teacher Evaluations

Hello Faithful Listeners! So, yeah, this episode is a bit late, (or a bit early if you want to pretend last week didn’t happen). Here’s why:
The end of our first quarter of distance learning has just come to a close. If you’re a teacher you know that means it’s student desperation time. The students who never looked at their grades the entire quarter, decide to the night after everything is due. Then it’s the “Huh? How come you gave me a D (or F)?” reaction. (emphasis on the YOU GAVE like it’s my fault the work was never turned in) This is then followed by the “here’s my 20 late assignments. Please grade them now” email. Then come the parent emails explaining how Johnny is crying and if there is any possible way to bring his grade up please let me know.”
Since Jen, Sharyn, and I are real teachers with real (virtual) classes with real (virtual) students, and this podcast is our side hustle, it took a backseat to the job that pays our bills.
So we’d like to extend our appreciation that you are still here and listening.
Today Heather, the principal, and Anne (#2), our teacher’s Union representative, are joining us to discuss the topic of teacher evaluations. You know, that lovely time when an×296-1.jpegistrator sits in the back of your classroom taking copious notes while watching you attempt to be completely natural while teaching. We discuss: What×296-1.jpegs are really looking for, the purpose of these evaluations, rights teachers have if they receive a bad evaluation, and of course, our suggestions for how to make evaluations more effective.
Speaking of evaluations… We’d LOVE it if you’d evaluate us. Please rate and review our podcast on your favorite platform so more people can find us. And share this podcast with other education-minded people (which means everyone, because everyone should care about education!) By the way….anyone else find it interesting that education was hardly mentioned in the run-up to this election? I remember when claiming to be the “education candidate” was a thing.  Just sayin’   Hope you enjoy today’s show and thanks again for listening!
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