013 Minimum Day #2

Transparency in Teaching (stuff)
Transparency in Teaching (stuff)
013 Minimum Day #2

I think distance learning is finally getting to us. We’re tired.  We’re punchy, We talk about alcohol more than usual. 

Today we get into how parents and students are coping with the situation from the teacher’s point of view. We talk about how we are dealing with lesson planning and the myriad of emails and virtual meetings.

 The situation could be dire, but thankfully we still have a sense of humor.  Ever been in that situation where you start laughing so hard that you almost end up crying? Yeah? Well, that’s where Jen took us with her imaginary field trip suggestion. (I think maybe she’s closer to losing it than she lets on. )

 All I can say is during times like this it’s a necessity to have a sense of humor if one wishes to hang on to some semblance of sanity. Thank goodness we have co-workers who double as best friends and support systems. May we all have people to lean on who are  dedicated, determined, and slightly demented to help get us through these strange times.

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