0004. Should We Put a Fork in State Testing?

Transparency in Teaching (stuff)
Transparency in Teaching (stuff)
0004. Should We Put a Fork in State Testing?

Hey Anne here, wanting to thank you again for taking time to give us a listen. We really do hope that you find these episodes informative and hopefully a little entertaining. Too.
This week’s episode starts off with personal updates about what we’ve been doing with our Covid time.  Then, in a new segment, we discuss some Education news. We hope to bring to light information about laws and regulations that are currently being discussed federally and at the state level. Today we talk about the 355 million dollars that California received from the Federal government to help with the education issues due to the current pandemic
Then, In our main topic Jen, Sharyn and I get into a discussion about State Testing, every teacher’s favorite time of year, (or maybe for some of you that shouldn’t be read with a sarcastic tone?) When doing research for this topic, I started with researching who even writes the questions for this test? Of course, it occured to me that the questions are based on the Common Core.  So then I had to find the backstory to how the Common Core even came about, in the first place. What I discovered was surprising to me and maybe to you as well. It explains a lot about why so many people were against the Common Core to begin with. I will be posting the links in the show notes on our website to all the resources we used to help put together today’s episode.
So I hope you enjoy today’s dialog.
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