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Do grades even matter? In this episode we start with a little about the history, the how and the why, of grading. (Did you know that grades were originally A, B, C, D and E?? Where did F come in?).  Then we talk about grading practices used today and how they affect our students. We debate methods like percentage based, standards based, and narrative grading and how they might be implemented in real classrooms (How logical is narrative grading when many of us have 150+ students??). What do we wish parents really knew about grading and how to help their kids. Finally, we discuss what grading would look like if were lived in Utopia Land.I

We talk about:
  • the subjectivity of grading,
  • implicit bias,
  • the varied ways teachers choose to grade
  • grading’s effect on student motivation
  • the lack of any training in how to grade
  • what we wish parents knew about grading.
Ultimately, we come to the conclusion that there is no conclusion about grading.
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