When Mommy is a Teacher

Our guest co-host, fellow co-worker, and single parent, Angel, joins us today.Mommy or Teacher? She helps her two elementary school-aged children during distance learning, while also wearing the seventh-grade science teacher hat.

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Jen’s Distance Learning Field Trip

I think distance learning is finally getting to us. We're tired. We're punchy, We talk about alcohol more than usual. Check out all our demented tales and thoughts on what is happening in classrooms today.

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Back to School Covid Style

Minimum Day Edition 001 We are feeling swamped with back to school Covid Style. Planning lessons for 2 1/2 hour synchronous classes and 150 minutes of weekly asynchronous work is time consuming. So until we find our rhythm, we are bringing you mini...

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Classrooms and Covid and Kids, Oh My!

In today’s episode, we try to stay optimistic as we talk about what we are thinking about as we get ready to start our own school year next week! What’s the latest with Covid? What are other teachers saying about returning to school? And what do...

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Travel Savings for Teachers

Today we get into ways teachers can save money on travel (once travel is a "thing" again!) Never too soon to start planning! We discuss ideas for social distancing conscious travel and how to make your "safer at home" quarantine seem more vacation...

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Restorative Practices Make Perfect

Experienced teachers know confrontation with a student or even a challenging class full of kids, is inevitable. Teachers who have the skills to deal with these situations will make it. Those that don’t will quit. The ability to use restorative...

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There’s No Sub for a Good Sub

The fear of a bad substitute teacher taking care of your class in the event that you are absent, is enough to make sick teachers go to work sick or ask to pull out of trainings

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Racism in the Classroom?

We talk about the importance of having those difficult, but frank, conversations about bias out in the open instead of behind closed doors. and about holding each other accountable when things are done or said. We also discussed the idea of...

Those That Can’t Do, Teach

Today we focus on all the little and not so little things teachers deal with in the classroom, which those who haven’t spent much time in a classroom may not realize. Little things like, having time to go to the bathroom, or deciding to go to work...

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