023 What Makes an Effective Teacher Effective?

We examine the various qualities an "effective" teacher should have and who sets those standards. We also discuss the national board certification process! But wait! Is certification even the ultimate sign of effectiveness? How about certifying...

021 Let Me See Your Credentials

So does all the investment in a piece of paper really mean a teacher is competent? What does a teaching credential really prove? What does it take to get a credential. We discuss what it means, and more importantly, what it doesn't mean. Of course...

020 Tackling Teacher Tenure

In 2005 then-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to make changes to California’s teacher tenure. He pressed to increase the time to achieve tenure from 2 to 5 years. He also proposed that teacher pay be based on merit, not length of tenure...

019 Going Back to School *

We are rapidly approaching the end of our 3rd quarter and it looks like a pretty done deal that after spring break, we will be going back to school for real this time! So what does that really mean?

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