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047 Battling Teacher Burnout: What To Do to Put Out the Fire

In this episode, Anne and Jen shed light on the issue of teacher burnout and its prevalence in the education system. We discuss teachers’ experiences facing challenges such as an intense curriculum without sufficient resources, mold-infested classrooms, and unaddressed disciplinary issues. We explain how teachers are not burned out simply...


033 Is It Time to Stop Promoting Social Promotion?

Hey, it’s Anne here to introduce today’s episode all about social promotion, you know, that practice where schools promote students to the next grade based on age instead of mastery. The idea is that keeping kids with their peer group is better for their self-esteem, not to mention promoting students...


023 New Teachers, This One’s for You!

This school year is FINALLY ending (thank god for small favors) and we are packing up our minimally used classrooms. For many teachers, this will be their last time having to do this. Covid caused many to throw in the eraser this year and turned in keys. They will look...