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Creator, editor, producer, and host, Anne is a recently retired middle school English teacher. Her career spanned 36 years, all at the same junior high school! She now spends her time working to improve the podcast while learning the ins and outs of all the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes into making one. When she’s not searching the Internet for “how-to” videos, Anne works with student teachers, helping them to hone their craft and be prepared for when they enter their own classes. She loves to spend time with her two sons when they are in town and take naps with her two dogs whenever possible. Anne and her “husfriend” love to travel, cook and garden and eventually hope to land back on the island of Hawaii and live happily ever after in retirement.


Co-host Jen (who has the best laugh ever) is still molding minds in her junior high history class. She’s been teaching for 17 years. Jen also works with ASB students, coordinating dances, trips, and school events and creating the yearbook. She’s also a master teacher working with student teachers. She Is her school’s academic history lead, where she helped to develop the history scope and sequence for the district. She’s a very busy person! When she’s not working her butt off at school, she loves spending time with her husband at the river, camping, or hanging out with friends. But Rocco and Cali, her boxer and Newfoundland dogs, are the true apples of her eye.


Sharyn brings insight and wit each week as a co-host of the podcast. She’s been teaching science for 26 years. She started at the junior high and has since moved to the high school level. Here she teaches biology and helps new teachers through the induction process known as the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program (BSTA). Sharyn also serves as a Science academic lead for her school and helps design the curriculum for the program. When not drowning in paper grading or “counseling” students who love to hang out in her classroom during lunch, Sharyn loves motorcycle rides, a good beer with her guy, and spending time with her kids. As Sharyn is getting ready to send her babies off to college, she secretly may be excited to figure out what to do with the extra bedroom space!

Transparency in Teaching (Stuff) Podcast



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